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  • Dana D. McKee

To Trend Or Not To Trend

Top trend for 2020: Biophilic Design.

Follow The Trends Or Follow Your Heart

There is a lot of research and psychology that goes into deciding design trends. Current and world events, how people are spending their money and how they choose to live play a big role in predicting trends. Trend forecasters look at people’s current lifestyles to get a feeling for what people feel are missing in their lives, then use those feelings to help drive their products and designs. For instance, since people are spending a lot of time on and around electronics, there’s a growing feeling that technology is taking over. That’s why there’s been a recent trend toward bringing nature, such as plant walls and hues of green, indoors.

While I appreciate the work that goes into forecasting trends, I am not one to follow them. I read the "What's In and What's out" articles that flood the web at the beginning and end of each year, and, I must confess, I find them rather annoying. A few designers decide that mid-century is on it's way out, so what am I supposed to do? Get rid of it? I'm sorry, but I'll give you my oversized Palm Springs lamp from the 1960's when you pry it from my cold, dead hands! That lamp makes me happy just looking at it! Isn't that the way it's supposed to be with regards to what you have in your home?

A recent post from Elle Decor's website quoted a designer who exclaimed that arches are on their way out for 2020 alongside a photo featuring an arch in a Victorian home. Arches are a defining feature in Victorian homes and in Tudor style homes. Remove the arches and you remove the character. Another article from Dwell stated just the opposite - that arches were going to be really BIG in 2020. My point is, designers don't always get it right and even they make mistakes in their clients homes and in their own homes, as well. Not meaning to take away from their talent or knowledge, just stating that no one person should influence you to change your style or remove something you love. My favorite "trend" for 2020, by the way, is from Forbes magazine that stated that "Off-Trend will be On Trend". Now that's something I can get behind 100%!

Another example of biophilic Design in wallpaper.

Who Were and Are Your Style Influencers?

Being aware of who has and is influencing your style aesthetic is a great exercise in moving closer to being authentic in your design choices. Meaning, you're not making design decisions based on what designers are telling you to do, but making decisions based on what feels right and moves you.

My Aunt Joanie's bedroom in my grandparents home was a room I envied as a young girl growing up in the 70's. I loved her Beatles dolls, the large colorful vases filled with pennies and her furniture with the clean, sleek lines. The early 70's was a happy time in my childhood, so it's not surprising that mid-century design is one I gravitate toward. It's also not surprising that my clothing style also reflects my design aesthetic, which I would describe as Boho Eclectic. You can look at how a person dresses and pretty much figure out their interior design style. Sometimes that doesn't match up because we're dressing for someone else, instead of ourselves and we are unaware. The beautiful thing about style is that it evolves and changes over time, until finally settling and capturing our personalities perfectly.

Mid-century epic coolness. Courtesy of Elle Decor.

Final Thoughts

I did some crazy things in the homes I've lived in throughout the years and I'm proud of every one of them. I had my husband hang grapevine and moss all over the ceiling of my living room in an attempt to have the "English cottage look" in our home in Tennessee. I'll never forget the surprised looks of people who visited our house for the first time. It was like, "What the hell?" Ha! Then there was my shabby chic phase that I went through in Florida with its characteristic feminine details and colors. I must say my husband and sons were great sports! The rooms in that house were painted every color imaginable in the seven years we lived there. All that experimentation led me toward making better decisions later on and refined my taste and style sense. So, the message here is GO FOR IT! And, do not be afraid to follow your heart in what you love no matter how weird or strange.

I sincerely would LOVE to hear what you think of trends and if you've found a style that resonates with your personality and what that is. Please share and thank you for taking the time to read this.

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